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Camp Schedule

Week 1

June 28th -July 1st

Tuesday-Masks(*two day project)/ Painting
Wednesday- Masks/ Sandpainting

Thursday- Jungle Cats/ Papermaking

Friday- Watercolor/ Collage

Week 2

July 5th - 8th

Tuesday- Portraits/ Yayoi Kusama
Wednesday- Basquiat/ Surprise!
Thursday- Sun Catchers/ silk painting
Friday- Bird Painting/ Printmaking

Week 3

July 12th - 15th

Tuesday- Alma Thomas painting/ Puppets
Wednesday- 3D flower collage/ Fizzy Art 
Thursday- Painting/ Jewelry
Friday- Mobiles/ House Design

Week 4

July 19th - 22nd

Tuesday- Lois Mailou Oil Pastel/  Printmaking
Wednesday- Silk Painting/ Hundertwasser
Thursday- Paper making/ Cats
Friday- Animal diorama/ Leaf mobile

Week 5

July 26th - 29th

Tuesday- Painting/ Totem Pole

Wednesday- 3D Japanese Koi/ Surprise!

Thursday – Fernando Llort (magical bird)/ paper making

Friday- Collage/ Watercolor

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