Kids Creations Art Camp

This summer will be the 24th summer of Art Camp and we hope to make it our best! We'll have smaller classes and lots of outdoor projects.  Masks will be required inside and optional outside. 

Summer Camps

Week 1 June 29th- July 1st- FULL

T - Painting Sculpture/ Mixed              Media

W - Portraits/ Pets

Th - Cave Paintings/ Totem Poles

F - Dream Collage/ Watercolors

Week 3 July 13th-16th

T - Hundertwasser/ House Design

W- Silk Painting/ Sculpture

Th- Masks/ Painting

F- Birds/ Mobiles

General Information
  • June 29th- July 30

  • Tuesday- Friday

  • 10am- 3pm

  • Ages 4-12

  • While most activities will be art  based, we will also have games   and yoga.

  • Cost: $60 per day or $230 per week or 8 days for $450

  • Includes supplies

  • Kids need to bring lunch

  • Kids should wear sunscreen and clothing they can paint in.


Week 2  July 6th-9th

Tuesday - Trees/ Andy Goldsworthy

Wednesday- Kandinsky/ Dancing Figures

Thursday- Sand Painting/ Still Life 

Friday- Printing/ Ocean Life


Week 4 July 20th-23rd

T - Food Art/ Mixed Media

W- Ugly Dolls/ Books

Th- Animals/ People

F- Owls/ Fairies & Dragons


Week 5 July 27th- July 30th

Tuesday -  Still Life/ Puppets

Wednesday- Picasso/ Silk Painting

Thursday- Hats/ Costumes

Friday- Painting/ Surprise